Find out where the Portuguese pavement monument will be born in Lisbon done in honor of the heroes who fight the covid-19 and how ROC2C will help.

The city of Lisbon will receive, in early October, the beginning of the work on the monument in Portuguese pavement, which is born in honor of all the workers who were in the front line and in prominence, in the fight against the covid-19.

This initiative emerged through the hands of Assimagra (Portuguese Mineral Resources Industry Association) and was proposed to the Portuguese Sidewalk Association, which quickly found 5 partners available to realize this honorable idea.
Read this article and learn more details about this public thanks, which will be done to Portuguese heroes without a cover.

A large area of ​​artistic Portuguese Cobblestone is born in Lisbon
Who says it to TSF radio is António Prôa, secretary general of the Portuguese Pavement Association, who confirms that this tribute in Portuguese Pavement will be the first original work of its kind to be built in this century.
This acknowledgment will be made due to the unconditional support of 5 partners, ROC2C, the Municipality of Lisbon, the parish of Avenidas Novas, the municipality of Porto de Mós and the Faculdade de Belas Artes of Lisbon.
In relation to the Faculdade, a contest of ideas will be launched for the community (students and teachers) to intervene and present their creativity until the end of July, after which a jury will select the best idea, later presented between September and early October.
This was the way found to thank the support and extraordinary dedication of workers from the most varied areas of Portuguese society, who maintained (and maintain) their activity, so that health, the economy and the country remain standing.

Avenida da República receives the Monument in Calçada Portuguesa
Beginning in October, the work carried out by the paving masters in the parish of Avenidas Novas and ROC2C begins, who proudly supports, from beginning to end, this idea that will remain in the country's history.
In an area of ​​approximately 300 square meters, limestone from the Serra de Aire e Candeeiros will be laid, Portuguese pavement delivered generously by Assimagra.

Porto de Mós also builds Tribute to the Heroes of covid-19
In addition to the monument that will be created next to the Curry Cabral hospital (in the Campo Pequeno area - in the central separator of Avenida da Républica), also in the municipality of Porto de Mós, a similar masterpiece is born later, in one of the city squares .
It should be noted that this municipality is an important point of extraction of limestone, which gives rise to the Portuguese Cobblestone and also the place where the stone will be removed for the Lisbon monument.

A Historic Moment for ROC2C - Homage to Heroes
ROC2C immediately accepted the invitation to participate in this tribute, as it believes that the values ​​and history of this challenging moment, which we all face, should be spread out on the well-known Portuguese Cobblestone Pavement.
Our country has several centuries of stories, achievements, moments of suffering, but above all periods when Portuguese resilience won and made us go further.
At ROC2C we believe that together and in unity we will overcome this barrier called coronavirus, which our strength will withstand and will pass through this sea of ​​storms, just as our ancestors did.
This monument that is born on Avenida da República will go down in history and one day future generations will realize how brave we are, we were and always will be.

Thank you to all the Portuguese present on the front line, for all your work, dedication and for seeking strength
to the depths of the soul.


On March 18th, a tribute ceremony was held in Calçada Portuguesa to the professionals who stood out in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, which was attended by President Carlos Moedas.
An initiative by the Associação da Calçada Portuguesa that brought together the support of Assimagra, the Lisbon City Council, the Porto de Mós City Council, the Faculty of Fine Arts, the Avenidas Novas Parish Council and Roc2c.

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