Can I order a Roc2c portuguese pavement project anywhere in the world?
Yes, Roc2c is prepared to perform work on portuguese pavement anywhere in the world.

What type of stone is best for my region?
Our stones are suitable for any region of the world; However, for regions with very severe winters, snow and ice, we only advise granite sidewalk.

Is Portuguese Pavement maintained?
The Portuguese Pavement with guarantee Roc2c has no maintenance, just regular cleaning.

Is quantity an important factor in price?
Yes, the price depends on the project area, however we execute small and big works.

What information is required to request a quote?
In order to respond accurately to your request, you must indicate the location of the work, the type of stone, the area to be paved, with or without custom design, description and type of work.

Does Roc2c make custom / exclusive designs?
Yes, Roc2c has a team of designers and architects with the ability to develop any type of design to your liking.

Can Roc2c supply only the stone?
No, because Roc2c's policy is not to sell only stone, but an exclusive quality service on Portuguese Pavement.

How far in advance should I contact to order a Roc2c service?
In European space 30 days in advance and 45 days for the rest of the world.

Does Roc2c rebuild existing Portuguese Cobblestone?
Yes, depending on the existing stone and the project concerned.

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