ROC2C is dedicated to the execution of custom projects, national and international, of Portuguese Cobblestone Pavement.

Its main objective is to make a Portuguese cultural pavement an exclusive product with contemporary design of high quality and guarantee.

Lead by Celso Gonçalves, it all began in 1999 with stone extraction in nearly one hundred stone quarries which lead to a profound knowledge of the raw material. In 2002, when we acquired our own quarry, we began the extraction, transformation and application of stone, with quality and excellence as a starting point and looking for solutions that meet the expectations of each client.

To meet the new demands of the market and customers, offering greater confidence and security in our service, in 2008 ROC2C was created, with a great focus on the online world to promote and spread our work on Portuguese Cobblestone Pavement.

Since its beginning, Roc2c works with world class architects like Álvaro Siza Vieira, David Chipperfield, Nuno Graça Moura, Souto Moura, Amanda Levete and Peter Marino in national and international projects. This relationship with big names in the architectural world contributed to the execution of dozens of relevant projects like "#House #1.130", "The Lake Spa Resort", "Convento de Santa Maria de los Reyes", "Bom Sucesso Design Resort, Leisure & Golf" and "Three on Abbott", among others.

Today, we have a wide portfolio of works on a global scale that include exports to many countries like as Qatar, Canada, Australia, China, Brasil, multiple american cities and more than 10 european countries.

ROC2C brand is composed of a team of several areas responsible for the personalization of each project. Our main objective is the internationalization of a unique product and service, applying a contemporary approach and design on a pavement that is part of the Portuguese cultural heritage, the Portuguese Cobblestone Pavement.

Cobblestone Quarries - - Serra Aire e Candeeiros
Support equipment extraction of the cobblestone
Result of the extractive process
Extraction Support Machine
Follow-up of stone transformation to cobblestone
Packaging of the cobblestone for export
Selection of top quality stone for ROC2C project
Mockup for the project of Arch. Peter Marino in Bel Air, California, USA
"Gather" designed by Vladimir Djurovic, executed by the team Roc2c in Vitra Campus, Germany
Letter of acknowledgement - Experimenta Design, Presid. Guta Moura Guedes
Rural Tourism Project - Monte das Faias, Grândola, Portugal
Project "Vivenda Florência" in Estoril, Portugal
Letter of acknowledgement - Mr. Albert Eberhard
Interior project - wall in Portuguese Cobblestone
Commercial project in China - Imporium City
Project "Convento Santa Maria de les Reyes" in Seville, Spain
Project - Arch. David Chipperfield
Portuguese Cobblestone Mockup for CasaCor Showroom in Equador
Arch. Álvaro Siza Vieira and Celso Gonçalves (CEO ROC2C)
Projet Arch. Álvaro Siza Vieira
Projet Arch. Nuno Graça Moura
Molds warehouse of Portuguese Cobblestone - Calceteiros School in Lisbon, Portugal
Mr. Rune-André Hansen and Celso Gonçalves (CEO ROC2C) in Kristiansand, Norway
Customized and exclusive designs projects by Roc2c
Roc2c Showroom
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