Roc2c executes any type of project in Portuguese Cobblestone !

"... o Homem sonha, a Obra nasce." Fernando Pessoa

We have a team composed by designers and architects that are able to design your custom project. Each project has a unique and exclusive design for each customer.

Roc2c is connected to a wide network of quarries equipped to supply limestone and granite sidewalk. We supply and export to any part of the world.

Technical monitoring and advise of projects, supporting the final clients in themes like: viavility of materials (colors and sizes), applying techniques, project planning, logistical support, etc...

Roc2c is able to complete projects of diverse complexities from the designing and ideation phase, until the application and finishing touches in any part of the globe.

Design - Projet "Monte das Faias"
Design - Projet "MGL House"
Design - Projet "Americana Restaurant Bar"
Stool in Cobblestone Pavement - Sculptor Paulo Vale
Cobblestone Consulting - Arch. Amanda Levete AL_A - MAAT Project
Cobblestone Pavement Mockup for Private House in Bel Air, California - Arch. Peter Marino
Consulting for Private House Project in Bel Air, California - Arch. Peter Marino
Portuguese Cobblestone Pavement export to all over the world
Cobblestone Pavement export to China
Roc2c Portuguese Cobblestone export to California, USA
Roc2c Portuguese Cobblestone export to Australia
Application detail of Roc2c Cobblestone Pavement
Row application - Project # HOUSE # 1.130
White and Black Cobblestone
Roc2c team - Master Stone Layers
How to use molds in applying the Portuguese Cobblestone
Masters Stone Craftsmen
Specialized teams with high capacity and experience
Mortar bitumen to fill the cobblestone joints
Mortar Bitumen - Prevents growth herbal and the lifting of stones
Portuguese Caravel in Cobblestone
Road and pedestrian walk on granite cobblestone
Portuguese cobblestone terrace with cross pattern - Project in Sintra
Dragon on Portuguese cobblestone
White Portuguese cobblestone with row application
Cobblestone with unique and exclusive design for each customer
Portuguese Cobblestone Logo - Jomafel Bakery
Exterior Design of Cineteatro in Norway
Polished cobblestone with bright finish
Surrounding area by pool on Portuguese cobblestone - Chalet Estoril Project
Elegantly designed terrace on checkered cobblestone
Cobblestone polished with dull finish
Landscaping of cobblestone mansion - Saint Tropez Project
Exhibitor store on Portuguese Cobblestone - SWATCH logo
Panel divided into pieces for application in Switzerland
Exterior wall in Portuguese Cobblestone applied vertically
QR code in cobblestone pavement
Coat of Arms Municipality of Alcochete on portuguese cobblestone pavement
Stool in Cobblestone Pavement - Covet House - Luxury Design Craftsmanship
REMAX panel on cobblestone pavement Roc2c recognized in winning project at the "Superbrands" gala 2018
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